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Cypress PSoC Eval Kit [Sep. 25th, 2008|03:38 pm]
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I've been playing with the PSoC (programmable system on chip) evaluation kit from Cypress. They have a graphical layout program called PSoC Express. It's simple to drag and drop inputs, outputs, and "valuators" (LUTs, if-else-then structures, etc). They have some excellent interface options, and so far I'm really impressed. The time it takes to create a simple little application is just a few minutes - it would take hours on a PIC. Here's a slide I pulled from one of their presentations:

The PSoC chips have a M8C CISC microcontroller at the core, and analog and digital blocks surrounding it. Reading their literature, these PSoCs can reduce part counts by 50%. To me, they feel like a PIC with a CISC instruction set and a nice set of analog features.